Burning out is a hobby when you can make any wooden product unique. The wood-burning tool creates simple ornaments and whole diaglyphic paintings.

How to use a wood-burning tool

To start you need:

  • Wood burning tool
  • A set of tips. There are 5 of them in the standard set: normal, handwritten, for shadow graphics, point, linear
  • Tool for changing tips: special pliers
  • Holder: since the device tends to heat up quickly, leave it in a special holder.

Before drawing, it is better to practice on a waste area of plywood or a wooden block.

It is necessary to do to feel the pressure and specificity of the lines. But no matter what, do not hurry. It is important to wipe the tool in time, ventilate the room and let the device cool down.

Crafts with wood burning

With a burner, you can both decorate pieces with simple ornaments, and create separate paintings with complex author’s designs. So, you can burn the original drawing on a cutting board, a hot pod, decorate a photo frame, make a keychain or a unique decorative element with your own hands.

The main thing is that it will be a unique hand-made piece.