WeCom is a mobile app for Android that allows one to improve workflows or communication with customers of one’s enterprise. It was developed by the creators of WeChat — the most popular messenger in China — so it has a somewhat similar interface and functionality.


Having decided to WeCom download, you should understand what opportunities the use of this utility provides:

  1. It is possible to create a team and add all your colleagues there using their mobile phone numbers. Everyone must have the app installed to join the group. The possibility of inviting up to 300 people is supported.
  2. You will be able to take advantage of numerous useful tools. Thus, you will be able to schedule meetings and notify everyone about this, along with any changes in the schedule.
  3. It is also possible to create video and audio conferences with colleagues, capable of replacing real-life meetings.
  4. Besides, you can share files with other users and create online repositories for certain categories of employees. This will allow them to have constant access to important documents and quickly update the latter.

In this way, WeCom significantly facilitates the organization and implementation of workflows, ensuring interaction between team members. This is especially important when the team is large, and it is necessary to coordinate a lot of processes to achieve a positive result as soon as possible.

WeChat to WeCom

Serving Customers

App downloads for Android, especially in the case of WeCom, make it possible for you to communicate with your customers and receive feedback, and for the latter — to keep track of current events. You can even create several groups that unite certain categories of customers or contact someone individually. All communication takes place through their WeChat profiles — it is enough just to know their mobile phone numbers. So, there is no need to install any additional applications for them.

Main Features

  1. The utility was created by the WeChat developers and has a similar interface.
  2. It allows one to create a team and invite colleagues.
  3. You can manage the workflow and participate in conference calls with other users.
  4. There is a possibility of communicating with your company’s customers.
  5. Free download and installation for Android.

The last point deserves to be emphasized. We cannot but welcome the fact that today, it is not a problem at all to download free Android applications that facilitate one’s life.