Wood is a versatile material. It is used to build houses, to make windows, doors, furniture, decorative elements, dishes. Creative work with bark, trunks, branches, and roots is an opportunity to organize creative leisure for children and adults while creating a unique piece that will have no analogs. To find a use for a cut-down dry tree trunk, broken off branches, or a stump, it is enough to learn how to make wood crafts.

Material preparation

Any wood is suitable for working: birch, grapes, willow. Before making a do-it-yourself wooden craft, you should check the piece for defects and pests. Then dry it. Drying is allowed both naturally and in the oven. Next, the material is treated with a special anti-parasitic solution. It is better to remove the bark before drying. Dry wood is covered with wood varnish.

What crafts can be made from wood

You can choose from the endless list of possible crafts. Here are the most common ones:

  • Photo frames
  • Panel
  • Stands
  • Frames for mirrors
  • Vases
  • Caskets
  • Toys
  • Clocks

And many-many others. When choosing what can be made from the available material, it is important to consider the complexity of the job. If even a child can make a small figured stand, then there are such masterpieces among the caskets, vases, and decorative toys, the manufacturing process of which requires certain skills. Therefore, before making wood crafts, you should carefully study the process and decide on the desired result.

The simplest do-it-yourself crafts

The simplest pieces include coasters, photo frames, and mirror frames. For those who do not yet know how to make wood crafts, simple decor elements can be a great start to a creative journey. In order to make a hot pod, it is enough to saw off a small slice from a part of the trunk, shape it and cover it with wood varnish. A photo frame or mirror can be decorated with small wood cookies or curvy twigs. To do this, cut out the base using a jigsaw, make a frame gluing with a special glue onto it previously dried and processed wood cookies or twigs. You can paste over candlesticks, vases, furniture, and create decorative panels the same way.

To decide what kind of craft can be made from wood, and then make a unique wooden clock, a hanger, or a birdhouse, in addition to glue, sandpaper, and varnish, you may need to read themed articles, get special tools for woodworking and the skill of using these tools.