It is often the case that getting rid of unwanted vegetation, you have to cut down and uproot old trees. Do not rush to dispose of what at first glance seems useless, including the roots. Powerful branchy rootstocks can become a material for creating original furniture, decor items, souvenirs, and gifts.

What can be made from the tree roots?

The roots of trees have been used to make and decorate furniture since the 18th century. Bizarre shapes aroused interest and admiration. The technology has been forgotten, but with the growing popularity of eco-style, natural material is again relevant in the manufacture of interior items and decor.

So what can be made from tree roots? First of all, this is garden furniture: benches, armchairs, tables. This furniture has two main advantages:

  • strength. As a rule, in trees, the stump, like the roots themselves, is much stronger than branches and trunks.
  • authenticity. The root drawing of each tree is unique and unrepeatable, respectively, furniture made from it will not have copies and replicas.

Furniture made from tree roots can be installed not only in yards and backyards: such elements will look extraordinary and environmentally friendly in hallways, living rooms, and even in bedrooms.