A chisel is an indispensable tool for creating carving patterns on crafts. In addition, with the help of a chisel, you can make a thin cut, grind off a corner, or level the edge of the piece.

How to use a chisel

The chisel consists of two parts:

  • wooden or plastic handle
  • metal rod with a sharp blade

Before you start, it is necessary to apply pencil markings on the workpiece with pinpoint accuracy. Despite its apparent simplicity, woodcarving with a chisel is laborious, requires accuracy and care. Any wrong movement can cause irreparable harm to the future piece. Therefore, having decided on the pattern, you should understand all the intricacies of how to work correctly with a chisel on wood.

There are two main ways to use a chisel:

  • manually, by pressing the handle. It requires physical effort but is used for fine exquisite workmanship. Manually, with careful cutting movements, layer by layer, sections of the tree are removed according to the markings, and a decorative pattern is formed. Such work is painstaking, requires diligence, and does not tolerate sudden movements.
  • using a mallet, if it is necessary to make additional efforts to knock out indentations. This method is not suitable for decorative work.

With a chisel, you can create diaglyphic paintings for decorating walls, decorative panels, furniture, interior items and décor pieces.