Beech is wood, which is yellow and reddish on the cross-section. Beech has no pronounced circles, but the texture of this wood is still quite attractive. If a specialist does a longitudinal saw, he can see a very beautiful natural pattern. When wood has been stored for several years, it becomes darker. The color becomes dark red. But it’s not just for that reason that the old beech is valued more than the young beech. It also becomes very durable, almost like an oak. Beech has little moisture resistance but quickly dries without cracking. The wood is easy to handle with piercing, sawing, and cutting tools, bends well after steaming but is difficult to polish.

This type of wood is not suitable for wet use as it tends to be affected by fungus. Beech is very easy to bleach and dye. Beech is made of pads for stringed tools, furniture, parquet, stairs and banisters, barrels.