The plum has a well-defined, beautiful core with an attractive pattern of veins. The color of this type of wood can be both dark brown and red, with a purple shade. Satinwood isvery thin and differs from the kernel in a very light color. After cutting the plum darkens. The plum is very much like a cherry tree, but it’s darker and more beautiful.

This type of timber is very easy to polish. Plums have a high level of varnish adsorption. That’s why it’s so easy to work with. With the help of the plum, specialists imitate the black tree. The plum is never steamed because otherwise, it loses all its properties.

Billiard devices are made from plums. This timber is very durable, and therefore the products that are made from it are durable too. Because plums have a lot of branches, this material is often made into exclusive items. Plums are very easy to work with to glue. That’s why furniture, parquet, and other flooring boards are made with plum.