Its beauty, width of the stem, or height, does not distinguish the outer Karelian birch. The cortex is slightly coarser than in other representatives of hardwood. On the stem, you can see a lot of indentations, thickening, like warts. So it’s sometimes called warty.

This type of birch has a viscous, rigid structure. It is very easy to work with carpentry tools. Since this type of wood contains many tanning agents, the Karelian birch is easily dyed.

The appearance of this type of birch is quite unobtrusive. However, if you look at the section of its stem, you can see that it has a unique line pattern. Such visual qualities are caused by fibers that are randomly placed and confused. Because of the same, the birch is hardly used. Due to its strength, the Karelian birch is used to manufacture the impactors of tools. It also produces cases, cigarette cases, boxes, and mosaics.