Pine is one of the most common wood types. Shades of pine trees are brown, red, with a yellow tint, or completely white. Pine trees are so valued by builders because they have a dense structure and close annual rings. Pine trees grow in sandy soils. But trees that grow on wet, damp soil have a more loose structure.

Pine is the perfect material for carpentry. It is easy to handle with tools. Along the fibers, this tree is planed without much effort, but it is easier to cut across the fibers. Varnish treatment is carried out only after careful brushing of wood residues from shavings. It is also necessary to dissolve the resin with a special solvent. This wood is considered to be the best material for the gluing of individual logs, and it is for this reason that logs and planks for construction are made of pine, and the framework for low-rise and panel houses is created. It is also used in the manufacture of furniture, stairs, floor coverings, window frames.