Oak is hard, dense, rotten wood, able to bend. A porous structure can be seen on the longitudinal section. Cutting tools can easily handle oak. Its wood is viscous and adhesive. Wood texture is beautiful. If this cut tree has been in the water for 20 years, its color will turn black with a purple or emerald shade. Oak is hard but fragile. So it’s hard to process. The breed has tanning compounds in its composition, which makes it well rid of pests.

This wood has tanning agents and they are extracted from the bark of the wood from the factories. Other types of trees are tolerated in the manure and mixtures based on bark and oak chips. Because after being soaked in such a mixture, wood is well served by metal treatment. Oak should not be coated with alcohol-based varnish.
Oak is widely used in the manufacture of parquet and furniture, in the manufacture of decorations, large carvings, and mosaics. The oak veneer also covers less valuable rocks and plywood.