Cypress is a very soft wood. It has different colors. For example, yellow and brown. Color depends on age. In the cut, the annual rings are irregular. The cypress has a uniform structure in the center and on the periphery of the tree stem. The density of this timber is uniform. Thanks to this, cypress is appreciated by masters, because it is not necessary to spend extra effort on the long processing of timber.

This timber is known for its good mechanical properties and persistence. Cypress is the only coniferous tree that has fungicidal properties. A strong pleasant smell is evidence for that. There’s a lot of resin in cypress that keeps this timber in one shape for very long years. It should also be noted that cypress does not break and is not subject to harmful effects of beetles. Cypress looks very beautiful and is therefore used in veneer production and interior decoration. It’s made into window shutters, siding, furniture, and parquet.