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Travel remains one of many people’s favorite activities. The market of tourist services is being transformed under the influence of globalization and ubiquitous digitalization, so its trends are changing very quickly in pursuit of customer demand for tourism products. Thirty years ago, travel wasn’t as accessible to people as it is today.

The behavior of travelers has changed as well. Marketers try to keep track of the peculiarities of these processes and adapt marketing strategies to the latest trends. That is helpful for both sides. For example, the clients of travel agencies can book the 12 Apostles tour from Melbourne on their computer or smartphone, and the owners of travel companies can get many new customers. In this article, we will discuss marketing in modern tourism in detail.

Tourism as a business: the importance of marketing to industry

A qualified employee with the competence of a marketer will always be worth their weight in gold. Potential customers can only learn about the travel company’s services through effective and competent marketing.

The marketer can identify the needs of customers and the market segment so that the travel company can meet these needs in the best form. The main marketing tools are special strategies. Marketers can adapt them to customer preferences and create a product many potential customers want.

An important part of managing any tourist company is creating a marketing plan. Here are its main advantages:

  • setting the goals and objectives of the travel company;
  • coordination of firm resources;
  • analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the travel company;
  • creating corporate ideology.

Creative marketing ideas are the first place for any marketer and entrepreneur. The travel company cannot organise its commercial activities if it is not implemented.

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The 12 Apostles

Role of digitalisation

Tourism is one of the global market sectors that is highly prone to digitalization processes. Many experts and specialists are working intensively on introducing and adapting digital technologies to optimise the tourism business and improve the quality of services for potential and regular customers. Among such technologies are mobile applications and travel agency websites.

Today, mobile travel apps are one of the first in terms of downloads on online platforms of software for mobile operating systems.

Both suppliers and consumers of tourist products benefit from using such digital technologies in tourism. The brevity and simplicity of the interface are only among the many factors that make mobile travel agency applications easy to use and aesthetic. Feedback is also important since travel companies can learn about customers’ needs through direct communication.

Trust and support remain the foundation of any modern business. Marketing provides them with work well and efficiently. Building connections with customers based on trust and support are some of the main factors that can make any tourism business more productive and reliable.


The tourism industry’s marketing has become an important service product that ensures tourism companies’ stable and efficient operation. To develop marketing strategies, companies’ specialists should analyze customers’ needs and determine the target of tourism offers and services. Buying the 12 Apostles tour will be a pleasant and welcome process for those consumers who get all the necessary information about the travel company and travel simultaneously.