Steven Karl

At the reading I sit next to a tatted girl who twitches.  Afterwards I talk to the only girl I’ve ever had porn-star sex with.  I think it could have been better if I hadn’t had so much to drink.  It’s been almost year since we were naked together. I want to ask for my blue shirt back but instead pay compliments to her dress & newly started press. Later, at the bar drinking beer & watching basketball I wonder if when I said dress she heard sex or when I said dress I heard sex.  2 a.m. out on the dim-lit streets. We’re so awkward in our clothes.

It’s been a while since we’ve been naked together.

Cliff Notes While Listening To Them Talk About Pedagogy

is our ought

are is is

are here where

ought have their

is of have on

their is of  are


(aren’t is isn’t as in of)



is are

are is

ought are

here there

their have

is here


ought them

instruct to

reliance of


we’re here

ought their

is of

get a

have a

there is

battle of

are aren’t

is isn’t


as in