MRB Chelko

April Elegy


it gets political. love. feels wrong. i

stare to stare. speak to hear. that sound like a

hand against air. oblivion dipped. toe

in. let us. move. back my dear. to boston.  




at starbucks i outlive everyone. what's

left. the vague hope. for calm. for something stripped.

down. toppled even. unrolled. o wonder

us. ambition. to unmake. anyway.




give it back. (the heaviness.) to the weight

of the earth. as the ocean strokes. and then

recoils from the shore. so i must do.

extremities. between these. what is joy?




the road leads to a road. we have these leaves

in us. trampled. and under our beds. i

mean me. i mean from our mothers. who stare

at themselves in the mirror. dream stricken.




disease called rain. the feet the human feet

in all those shoes. sober. straight. splashing down.

42nd street. hard line dowsed in light.

i almost see it. next phase of my life.




bundles of white. blossoms. along 10th ave.

plumes of hope. freshest smoke from my nostrils.

love. love. love. wind like saltless ocean breeze.

clean. petal leaves. katie laughs from her skin.




somedays i. secretly kill. everyone.  

but they never realize they are dead. how

a tulip. brainless. pushes itself from

the ground. finds time to eat. in this bright world.