MC Hyland

On the day’s cobblestones     Form a claustrophobia


The painting’s secrets lie down      In the

Hole in the hill where my finger intrudes


Her body ripples like a private ad-hoc    

Nocturnal ocean


All the men discarded  


How the castle squares above these naive figurines

Panting with a concave tongue







The harp rises to greet us


Moving forward the way light moves to be an opening in the

Dark field the way      Her guidebook & birthmark


Surpass the train     As the roadside shakes


In the night a fat cat descends a stair & the outlines

Hammer the overgrown graves


How you disappear

& reappear down the deserted road between cut-back oaks


Your hats swirl upon the dazzling Seine


The doors of Paris open & the awkward angel sits at a table changing

Size a bit under her bonnet


How she smiles at him mouth like a speckled machine


A bridge between rocks

A gate blurred & shut







What may be a flower but moves


Brigands red in the afternoon

Slow the shaking bridge &


Shining crawl across the floor




We kiss & bring in the boat


A face of coral over open ocean




(Seeing through to the spines)


Her feet across the forest floor

Walk into night in an insect light