Matthew Johnstone

Selection from "I'm  sorry ,  about  Baseball"







"... there are many figures in this

scene which might form different

scenes ..."


- Lyn Hejinian





"... Without the solids of bodies

There is no geometry,

Who acknowledge space—moving

Know as many dimensions

as they have muscles..."


- Louis Zukofsky







Apple   vendors       on      my   street  

corner,   there  have     been   no   deadening    

of   contrasts    when    only    the       arc      assumes

its     darkness    gradually,     Today    

held        all         its    loose      suns,

Destitution    pulled    back    into

wildness,               The    game   is    enough,

but    its     clarity    does      not        deceive,

dirtied   by     the  gears,   mound  on

hoarse   cenotaph.




Dogs     of    the       sea,  

farm   system      surveillance

Lulled      away,    I    am   a   perfect  

cornfield      I    am

a    perfect   cornfield,      these     were  

porcelain  bats    raging     to    quiet  

the     plate,    Glad   as   a  bridge  my

way   throw        it     my   way.




Enter  the    earth  again    now

boys,    a    shave  cut   bends   the  nude    cheek

unconscious     blue       be       optimistic        

Held  in    the     brawl,  

being   the           deterrent,

your  each   trespass   seen     tearing  

for     shadow    of   the  bag,  

emitting   light  snow  pine  tar   continued,

  solipsist    the  catcher     does  

what  else    he     lets    the

pieces   slip  to   the   backstop.