Joseph P. Wood



The PPO does not cover the universe—doctors

line up one-by-one cases—I don’t need meaning—

a simple causation—a physiological chain spotted—

the universe of paperwork the PPO covers—doctors

I want it now—reduced—proctored—tutored  

to mastery of a fluent diagnosis—I’ve gleaned

the universe—nothing the PPO couldn’t doctor—

each star makes the same case—we mean—








The case each star makes: the humans mean

to play doctor with the universe—nothing

lasts in their hands—kids utmost petulant,

each star’s casing makes the humans mean

something. An eyelash, they’re gone, beams

of dank light sucked into a dozen nothings—

humans don’t make this case—stars mean

the universe is a doctor—no, it fixes nothing.