Evan Glasson

from Vital Pursuits


Today the world is surprised

a killer whale killed its trainer.

He turned over and over for her

for years before turning on her.

What should we make of it? Many of us

won’t get in the tank but hope the splash

reaches our row. I think

Sea World is one of those places

you should dream of but never go.

The buildup and the letdown.

Polaris, a constant star, was

the standard for second magnitude

brightness until astronomers discovered

its brightness varies over time.

Today’s building is tomorrow’s ruin.

Fear. Fear not.

From ruin arises more possibility.

What makes the crane remarkable

is its capacity to rise and plunge.

I read there is a magnetic pull

keeping everything separate.

So, for example, when you

sit in a chair you are actually hovering.

It looks like we are touching,

but we are not touching.




from Vital Pursuits


In basketball, the hesitation,

also known as the stutter step,

is one of the simplest

yet most effective moves

a player can make.

It is about illusion, elusion, and pace.

The idea is to get the person

staying with you

thinking they are right with you.

You act like you are going

but you are not going.

Just like that, you’re gone.

When surfaced, the actual

size of a two-by-four is one

and a half by three and a half inches.

I’ve never felt comfortable rounding

numbers. My graph paper

would have so many lines

the whole thing would be blue.

We are back where we started.

The actual resurfaces

among new inaccuracies.

Part of me wants to stay

for the final minutes

regardless of the discrepancy.

We paid to be here.

If we leave now,

and they come back, we will miss

one of the greatest triumphs

in the history of the game.

When you block someone out

you do not allow them

to gain the inside position.

The parquet in the original Garden

was famously uneven.

Pieces of the old surface

are interspersed in the new.

When this game is over

they will pick up the floor

and lay down ice in its place.