David Need


after Chris Vitiello



Melacholy is a form of loyalty.


So is murderous rage.


If someone tells you we’re all one they are not speaking precisely.


Or they want to eat you.


Brick is not really red.


If someone asks you to give an example of what you mean you are fucked.


Silence is the oldest form of violence in the world.


When I go through a mall at Christmas I become impossibly enraged.


This also happens when students don’t move to the back of the bus to let riders on.


And, in general, when people are not listening to the rhythms or watching the patterns.


There is a low gray ceiling of clouds today.


All of us have ceilings.


After waiting for a ride all day outside Medicine Hat, I shouted at a younger hitchhiker, “Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you?”


Power is a corrosive.


No matter how hard we try, we are not really stuck in our heads.


The social is just one of the material dimensions.


In the morning, instead of praying to the four directions, pray to the three: inner, social, and mythic dimensions.


Water is the universal solvent.


We work in all three dimensions, but not at the same time.


You will not get a chance to do some of the things that you want to.


Most people treat you like a cabinet they rummage through.


It is likely that I do this as well.


If someone asks “What are you feeling?” you are fucked.


Try to say it with a feeling word: “love”, “anger”, “listless”, loneliness.


In this instance, the word’s relationship to a feeling is like a remora’s relationship to a shark.


The victim always has more trouble moving on than the abuser.


There is a masculine way of being cold.


Bob Dylan is not a good example of this.


I do not understand the relationship of the social to the inner and mythic.


The story of Abraham and Isaac is a frightening story.


Rodin showed us there is no end to a form’s surface.


Since we always look for places we can go on forever, the idea that we are stuck in the surface of language is attractive.


Depth equals death.


Even Orpheus knew this.


Politics is a form of rancor.


Describe the space you are in.


Now hate it.


Being a parent means giving more of yourself than you have.


In Buddhist terms we were all each other’s parents at some time.


The other possibility is simply not to love.


Rancor can be spent.


We get tired of any season.


A decade is a long time, but you only get a few of them.


Many things take a decade to happen.


I am not really a bear or a girl.


After reading Duncan’s poem on the line from Pinder’s Ode, the students suggested he was emotionally disturbed.


It seemed like an honest reaction.


Both of them.


My friend Lisa aborted both of our children.


I am not of your race.


If you lose a gift you cannot ask for it again.


Most gifts should be given away anyway.


People will do anything.


Why does my mind return to that duck pond in Belchertown?


It is hard to avoid people who are not interested in you.


Watch to see if the same thing happens two or three times.


Trauma cannot be reconciled.


The last lesson is often the least useful tool.


You already have all the weapons you will ever get.


The prison of the suburb is not as cool as the prison of the ghetto.


Everybody who survives cooperates.


Cain and Abel is a story about the origins of culture.


I have been neglecting my garden.


This means that the honeysuckle, ivy and periwinkle has grown wild.


“Not Killing” is the first vow any of us breaks.


It is much easier to avoid alcohol.


Meditation can be a form of rancor.


My mother used to say, “David, you are not responsible for my feelings, and neither am I”.


Enacting a revenge fantasy would probably not be that much fun.


Punching someone is not the worst thing.


Nothing that you do will make anyone call more often.


Iggy Pop did not really want to be her dog, but loneliness is a corrosive.


Anything left in the sun will fade.


Some days I am consumed by hate.


Explain what writing is the edge of.


Some people actually think what a person says is discrete.


I think I would rather be a girl with a penis, like the girl on Morton’s Salt.


The wind in the trees near Quabbin Resevoir still sounds the same.


You never know if a dream is a sign.


One of the things that happens regularly is that we kill each other. Spectacularly.


A mudra is a seal a yogin places on his etheric body to realize it.


It is also the term used for the low caste girl consort one uses for tantric sex.


All spectacles are murder.


Tell me what room we are entering now.