Debrah Morkun



william had a hold on the steel doors of the marmoset lean.  he said a good crop up job on photoshop could take him an hour, the way they make porn these days,  not like in the 70’s or the 80’s when the characters were situational


involved in romantic sewage, dinosaur man looked really hard at peach girl


peach girl gave dinosaur man her cavity


rhinestone watershed where the black telephone poles are a reminder of vast networks.  we have harvested jimmy to the john side station where the male prostitutes have thrown their purses to the wind


i kept him stashed in the wherewithal pregnancy steel dorm chatter where last year my coke was


wheel and deal this turnip dressing room where she pulls on and off her timid silk dress to reveal the milky magnesia she choked yesterday from the hard wire coming out of her mouth


she has grapes in her hands and they are the caloric count of sperm in the morning, but she proceeds with a masher and a pick of gin lines upon the table in the alleyway of a poem’s erection


why did he say yesterday that he was championship like a kayaker fed up in the morning


she wraps her turban around her head.  the cannon has come so large she can no longer stand obtusely like paper geometry


the younger child slipped him a mickey. the count of people who entered was up to 99, and with this knowledge we harbored a secret desire to kill them all


she has grapes in her hands and she is making her way past the coat of arms by trampling over to her father who has been sleeping due to mercury poisoning.  the police commissioner swore she killed him while she was sleepwalking, but she denied all accusations.  as this was a police state, she still ended up a surf-ed up jaundiced left over from the second world war


he was in the championship swim team when the captain scolded him and told him to wear his rain bonnet when swimming in case the chlorine isn’t of the purest form and he listened and tied the bonnet tightly to his head and limped over to the pool only to throw his body in and the team captain said it is winter here there shall be no swimming until summer


and tonight I have fabricated this window pane and situationally the porn grew


she was slapping his ass, foresakes