Ben Mirov

# -52



Most people think it's most important

to get the money

seal the hatch

and watch the sunset through

their ventilation masks. And I do too.

Just as I think one should fasten

their hands and feet to the antlers

of a passing truck

and sleep for days the sleep

of one who values their dreams

above all else, even their life

carved of lavender soap

melting in the shower.

I can't wait to open my eyes

and cast my gaze

upon the nearest bowl of socks.














Sometimes I think every person

on television worships Satan.

I know that it's not true.

Most people worship

a huge ball of light

passing through the trees

into the yard

onto the front porch.

I have no idea why the ball of light

always lands on the porch.

Just as I have no idea

why TV is full of people

who ignore the huge ball of light.

It's clearly meant for them.











# 11



I have no enemies to speak of.

To develop an enemy one must have

a delicate sense of architecture

and use it to piss people off.

All I have are brittle ideas

which are threatened by the sea.

But the sea is not an enemy.

It's brain is so small

it could fit in your hand.

You could take the sea's brain

back to your dorm

and stay up all night

smoking pot. The sea is so real

it doesn't need its brain

to exist. Unlike us

who need our brains

to count the flickering stars

beneath the overpass.