Megan Burns

                                                              “all answers are answers to all questions”


                                                                                                                     J. Cage



What is the pitch of the phenomena?


One dreams about a room and in its familiarity believes to have awoken. Then on waking is anything lost in the actions of the dreaming, to rise again is necessary. All actions from the minutest detail begin to unravel and rethread into the morning of this afternoon. Whether you dream you are awakened or awakened by the dream, both transitions require the aptitude to transgress the unexpected towards what we know holds meaning. This is the sound of one arm waking.



Does you mean the undercurrent of all “you”s?


Ask yourself what you mean by questioning at all. And then what is the purpose of the question mark stopped from below by a period but hovering above as some sort of incubus of symbolism. Think on the lilt in the spoken word: that which one intends to mark as the question, the point in visible language pouring from one’s mouth where the speaker stops and says here is the emphasis for which I desire your answer. The heat of any inflection is desire for the continuance of its own self.



What holds the dirt in a city of water?


You develop such a thorough relationship with the teachings that they become a part of you. Words delivered in a charismatic voice or if the brain is the better part of valor, words delivered in a timorous, halting lisp, so that each syllable is capable of being sliced out of the moment to moment thread. It’s a long way down.



What is active storytelling versus digression?


The solitary individual remains naïve and unable to counsel others. There is a story about a man reading a book and the book is about the man reading the book and still to complicate matters, there is the tension of each impending death that we wake and walk around with as a matter of this living. Wonder is the grace in the reality of things. This unblown earth in its eventual wrapped cage. Regard this lecture as a measure of the pulse. No mute tribe has ever been discovered.