Julie Doxsee

Thank you for hand

delivering a new park


to the village full of

kids who believe dams


are good luck.  While I was

shipwrecked I found


the edge of the map

where you built it


using sonar, triangulation &

lilies.  I rolled up


this watercolor, decorated

with pieces of actual


scissor, of you cutting

the inaugural ribbon &


plugged it into a

hole so watertight


the effluvia just

puddle at my feet.


Instructions for a Pageant

In a country

full of hoof prints


that look like U magnets

when shot through


the lens, pour

swimming pools


of naptime

& nest inside


the party

on the air


of popped


Magnets, Please

Untangle my

expensive wing from


this strange piece

of nighttime or like


I said I

will come

at you at


one of the wee hours

as I make light


saber noises

with my twig.


Up lookout

mountain I hydroplane,


an eye weeps

pony-colored tears.


Schoolchildren’s teeth

fill with fog & a city’s trick


knees cramp.  I should

date pilots, double


then quadruple my


At First a Kind of Steering  

My friend wrote

a song about you  

like a pillow to


eat.  I wrote

a song about you

made of igloos


ears can’t swallow.

Without a roomful

of rabbits melting


minor spoonfuls

in the dognoise, who

can swallow?