So and So is a Raleigh-based reading series and magazine curated by Chris Tonelli.


The So and So Series was started by Tonelli in May of 2006 in Cambridge, MA. In July of 2007, So and So teamed up with Mary Walker Graham and Robert daVies at Rope-A-Dope Press, moved to The Distillery in South Boston and collaborated on The Manila Broadsides and the anthologies, The Jungle and Split Decision.


So and So moved to Raleigh, NC's The Morning Times in February of 2009, adding Co-Curator Christopher Salerno. So and So continued to collaborate with local artists to make broadsides for each reader, and in 2010, the So and So Magazine began. In the Summer of 2010, Salerno accepted a tenure track position in William Paterson University's MFA program and moved back to his native New Jersey.


In the summer of 2012, So and So became the official reading series and journal for Birds, LLC, a small, independent poetry press. So and So also added Michael Johnson, Laura Nemeth, and Joseph Silvers as Editorial Assistants. Johnson is a graduate student at the School of Visual Arts in NYC where he studies art and art writing. Nemeth lives and works in New Orleans, LA. Silvers is an electrical engineer in Raleigh. In 2014, the reading series was hosted at CAM Raleigh. The 2015 series is also being held at CAM Raleigh.